Cara Mengembalikan Data yang hilang,terformat ataupun terdelete


Sebelumnya saya pernah share tentang seperti ini tapi menggunakan aplikasi yang lain! dan kali ini saya akan mempsting hal yang sama tapi menggunakan aplikasi yang berbeda.
Jika suatu data anda Hilang,Terformat ataupun terDelate dan data itu sangant penting, silakan coba gunakan aplikasi recuva.
mudah-mudahan semua data akan kembali 100%.

Pilih file yang akan di kembalikan "kalau saya si pilih Other"

Pilih di mana tempat file yang hilang

dan selanjutnya ikuti terus petunjuknya! mudah ko aplikasi ini.

password :
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tony mengatakan...

thks gan, bermanfaat bgt ni untuk fd saya yang ke format.

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...


Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

According to The Verge, smart covers work through magnets to stay the flap secured and to lock into various positions.

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

Like the others, Starlike (out on iOS and Android) creates a social newsfeed of a sort based on our friends’ and contacts’ social activity. But instead of news or other links shared by them, it’s based around what people star/favorite on Twitter, or like on Facebook and LinkedIn (hence the eponymous name “Starlike”). Yes, that faved item could be a news story, but it could also just as easily be a funny joke someone made, or a photo someone took.

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

Look, the Internet is a big place, and it’s not easy to keep up with everything that you should. We understand.

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

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Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

Well I'd like to plan a trip later in the summer and like to see some xk's. I'm in TX where is everyone at???

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

Watching the Super Bowl is an American tradition, and now you'll be able to look at it regardless of where you are. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots can battle for the Lombardi Trophy with millions watching along at home.

Sayedur Rahman mengatakan...

In a memo to staff, leaked to tech news website the Verge, he said that bullying behaviour on the network was driving users away.
BAFTA Awards Live Stream

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